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Check out the FrontPage Resource Centre for 97, 98, 2000 and FrontPage Express. A very large and comprehensive collection of tips, how to's, tutorials, and much more!

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About Frontpage
Courtesy of Microsoft.com


Now it's easy to add sophisticated technology to your Web site without having to program. Whether you want to better understand your visitors through usage analysis reports, or get the lowdown on your site's performance with enhanced reports, Microsoft FrontPage 2002 has the tools to help your business.


* Microsoft FrontPage version 2002 provides the best value in its category. It has integrated features for Web site creation, Web site management, instant team Web sites with the SharePoint Team Services team Web solution, e-commerce, and graphics editing built right in.

* FrontPage is easy to get started with. Built-in templates and wizards allow you to create a web site in only a matter of minutes, and then customize it to make it your own with your own graphics, Photo Gallery, backgrounds, image maps, Themes, fonts, and formatting.

* FrontPage grows with you as you learn more and more about web site creation and management. FrontPage allows you to create Web pages in a familiar what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) environment, use Reveal Codes to see what HTML tags are produced while they are still in WYSIWYG mode, and even hand-code in the Notepad-like HTML View. You can even use its e-commerce functionality, forms and database support, and usage analysis features when you are ready for them.

* You can get started quickly with FrontPage because it looks and works like Microsoft Office. As part of the Microsoft Office family of products, it shares similar toolbars, menus, Task Pane, clipboard, and familiar features such as the Customizable Themes and background spell checking.

* FrontPage is broadly available and broadly used. Microsoft FrontPage is so popular that you can easily find a wide range of Web sites, books, training classes, Web professionals and users groups to help you learn and use FrontPage. You can also choose from hundreds of Web site hosting companies that support creating and editing Web sites directly against their servers, and select from a variety of third-party add-ins that extend the functionality of FrontPage even further.

* FrontPage helps users at all levels save time. Novices can get productive quickly because FrontPage looks and works like Microsoft Office, and HTML experts can produce code faster using FrontPage menus and buttons.





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